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Craft International is a world-class leader in security, logistics and training, and through its subsidiaries can provide almost any imaginable combination of services to its clients.

Crime, terrorism and military conflict are pervasive across the globe. Craft International recognizes that now, more than ever, military organizations, law enforcement agencies and law-abiding citizens of the U.S. and its allies must be prepared to the highest possible standard to defend their units, organizations, families, homes and their freedom against a wide array of constantly-evolving enemies. Furthermore, with the multiple demands placed on our armed forces, it is increasingly difficult for many military units to get the range time necessary to fully prepare them for the challenges and hardships of combat.

Craft aims to serve the training and security needs of military personnel, law enforcement officers, corporations and private citizens of the United States and its allies. The company was formed in 2009 by the coming together of two of the best sniper operators in the world with a shared vision of creating a world-class training and security organization. From that point, Craft brought on a variety of experts and operators to further round out the organization. Today, Craft is operating and training around the world and is recognized as a highest quality solution in the field.